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Ready to feel your best, both inside and out? Want to feel more energized and able to take on your day? Being a Holistic Nutritionist I focus on making food and lifestyle recommendations which are individual to you and your goals,  helping you do more of what you love with greater focus, energy, and vitality. I’m all about helping you be the best version of yourself!  



I facilitate workshops to empower individuals with knowledge regarding health and wellness

Nutrition Consultations

Ready to achieve your health goals through a holistic approach involving whole foods, and taking into account your personal story?  

Online Programs

The goals of these services is to reach a larger audience and benefit those who may not be able to attend workshops or consultations due to mobility issues or geographical distances.

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Feedback from lovely clients
I decided to consult with a nutritionist to get rid of some stubborn belly fat that was bothering me, but I needed this person to have an “out of the box mentality”, that would give me motivation to eat healthier, and solid arguments as to why I was making certain adjustments in my diet.

Laura exceeded my expectations and created a protocol that as I stuck to it, reduced my belly, increased my energy, and educated me on how to eat in a healthy and delicious way. My eating habits have changed and I love the healthier options Laura included in my meal plan. German Antonio

Laura is very flexible in meeting my eating habits and helping me attain specific goals. Working with Laura not only involves getting healthy and delicious recipes which are easily adaptable, but also becoming educated about healthier eating practices which are sustainable long term. We took small steps which in the end made a big difference! I love that Laura is part of my health care journey and continues to be supportive and caring through it all. Shelley Park

It’s never too late – that was my thinking when I finally decided to change my unhealthy eating habits which I had carried throughout my life. And now my body thanks me for it. I have better digestion, more energy, and cooking has gotten less complicated, and is more natural…no regrets! Adriana Torres

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